Yes! to Pure Michigan

Sleeping Bear National Park. Aug 2011My heart belongs to the mitten and all the great stuff in it. Here are some guest posts I’ve written for the Pure Michigan blog.

Maker Faire Detroit

Hack Yes! A look at the awesome Maker Faire Detroit event at The Henry Ford. (Definitely a family favorite event.)

Holiday Nights in Greenfield Village-2

Memories, Model Ts and Magical Holiday Nights takes a look at some fond memories of Holiday Nights in Greenfield Village

Titanic Exhibition

Ties from the Titanic to Michigan.  The photo above is one of my favorites from the Titanic: An Artifact Exhibition. This woman was so moved by everything in the exhibit, I found myself following her around. At the end, I asked her if she would tell me her impressions of the exhibition for a video. She did, and the two of us – along with everyone in ear-shot – stood teary eyes. Before I could gather my senses and get her contact info, she was gone. I produced this very lo-tech video which has been pretty popular on the museum’s site.  Then in July, at Maker Faire Detroit, I literally bumped right into her. I squealed, “Hey! You’re Rita!” And reminded her of our encounter. I told her about the video (which she had not seen) – and we stood in a maker tent and watched it on my iPod – and got choked up again. It was great! We hugged and laughed and went on our merry way.

The Henry Ford-7

This story looks at the awesome Driving America exhibition at Henry Ford Museum. My favorite story associated with the exhibit was this day.

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